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Condition Grade 3

Arrived in UK


Subaru Impreza importsavers.co.ukSubaru Impreza importsavers.co.uk

Subaru Impreza importsavers.co.ukSubaru Impreza importsavers.co.uk

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1998 Subaru Impreza WRX-R V-LTD 4WD 117,921 Kilometres or 73,272 Miles.

This car will only need an MOT to be registered.

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   SUBARU IMPREZA - Auto Trader UK

Finished price 4003.67GBP You could have bought this car using our direct bidding service. Click here for details.
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All our own stock is plus profit (Average 500) Large profits are clear to see in all our vehicles. We only buy guaranteed turnover and can suggest a vehicle to buy from i-Auction for profit for free if requested.

Bought at I-Auction for 400,000 Yen on 18/06/2008 Impreza_2008-06-18[1].pdf

Calculation from Auction in Japan to Southampton Port UK

Fee Japan UK
Auction Bid price Y400,000 1912.32
Tax 5% Y20,000 100.65
Recycle fee Y10,990 52.54
Auction Fee Y22,000 105.18
Land Transportation fee Y18,000 86.05
Clearance charge Y23,000 109.96
Total Vehicle price Y493,990 2366.70
Ken Auto trading 4% of total cost of car ( Min Y40,000 ) Y 40,000 191.23
Failed bid charge (Y500 per fail) Y500 2.39
Total FOB (freight on board) Y534,490 2557.98
Shipping $67 per cu mtr +18% BAF UK charge 423.78
Import tax 10% of car + Shipping UK charge 231.54
VAT 17.5% of car + shipping + tax UK charge 498.37
Other charges are Handling  (moving the vehicle off the ship) UK charge 50.00
Shipping insurance UK charge 10.00
Customs clearance UK charge 65.00
Bank Charges  (-$) UK charge 17.00
My Fee 4% (Min 150.00) - 150.00
Total Port Price - 4003.67
Please note all UK charges are necessary to import your vehicle and can vary slightly
Stock List Currently Shipping Our service Import Fees Contact Us