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Nissan Figaro is the most popular and best earning import. Look at the 4 I just bought. The only car I can find that is Appreciating in value. By almost £1000 per year.  James. Nissan El-Grand is looking good and may be a good earner very soon. Great family motor. James

Pajero and Hilux Surf market is dead. Don't buy one from Japan. There just as cheap here in the UK. James

our Service

We cover all of the arrangements for just 4% (min£150) per vehicle. We take care of everything from the purchase in Japan to delivery, duties and fees at a UK port.

We will source your chosen vehicle and give you access to the official i-Auction, where you can see 85% of Japans vehicle sales. This is the place where the Japanese Import dealers buy from!

We currently charge £50 UK pounds FREE to search for your vehicle. We will give you full access to I-AUCTION The REAL Japanese auction site. With access to about 15,000 cars daily it wont be long before you find the vehicle you want at the price you want to pay. We will never bid above your budget and we will advise you about the true market prices. If we think its a bad car we will tell you.

Bay Auction or BAYAUC is the best to bid at because we can have the car inspected by our mechanics.

Kenichi and his father will personally visit the Bay auction site in Osaka and inspect any cars you are interested in. You will receive a full report on all the vehicles viewed and advised whether we think its a good buy or not.

We will not bid on a bad car unless you specifically ask us to E.G. (you want an accident damaged car for spares or rebuild)

Once you or we have found your vehicle we will need a deposit before bidding commences. Details on request.

For full telephone support. Send me a Landline number to 07870365516 and I will call you back and run you through the whole process and answer any questions you probably have.

To celebrate our new business find and partnership with Ken Auto Trading. We are offering our search and Auction access to the official I-AUCTION FREE to everyone until the first 5 buyers find and secure the vehicle they want at the budget they set. This also means if your interested in a vehicle listed in BAYAUC you also get a FREE physical inspection by one of our mechanics of as many vehicles as it takes until you find the one you want.

We only charge 4% of the total vehicle cost (min £150) once you purchase your vehicle, This is for everything. All calls UK and Japan, Payments, Duties, Customs, Insurance. Everything necessary to import the vehicle and have it ready for collection at the port is covered by this fee.

 Simply call me on 07870365516 for our user name and password for this weeks Auctions on  I-AUCTION and take a look for yourself.


 Both Kenichi in Japan and James in the UK will search for your vehicle while you do too, we will advise you and show you the market prices from last 3 weeks auctions and keep on looking until we find your car.

We will give unlimited Pre purchase vehicle inspections at the BAYAUC in Osaka Japan every Wednesday for all our customers ensuring your getting a good deal and not a headache.

We will not let you buy a bad car and we know if we get you a good car at these prices you will be back and we will earn every time you do.

All cars purchased by us for you are listed on our website under (Currently Shipping). Everybody will be able to see regular updates of where the car is and when it will arrive and when customs clear it. All you have to do is collect your car and documents from the port when its ready.

Transport is available from the port, We can also Register, MOT, ESVA, Repair, Service, Paint and Valet your vehicle. Anything you need can be arranged and we have such a good deal with the garages we almost cover our own fees with our discount from them.

If your car is over ten years old you will only need an MOT to register it with DVLA.

If your vehicle is under ten years old you will need a model report and an ESVA to register with DVLA. We can advise you for free or arrange everything or part for an extra fee.

Registration with DVLA is currently £38.00 GBP

For more info james@importsaver.co.uk

or Contact Us

Stock List Currently Shipping Our service Import Fees Contact Us