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Japans national holiday is from 9th-17th August. There is no Auction service between these dates. We apologise for any inconvenience.

i-Auction has 72 auctions in its net and is the biggest in Japan by far! 

Below are the instructions for accessing the official I-AUCTION site. Once you are logged on to www.iauc.co.jp Click on English Version and enter the user ID and Password that we supply you with.
  Understanding The Auction Condition Sheets  

Please read the instructions below carefully before you access and use the I-AUCTION service.

The total volume of vehicles for i-Auction is 5,120,000 cars sold per year, That's about 15,000 cars per day. The auction is very strict, Engineers check everything and a detailed report is made on every vehicle to reflect the actual condition (no more risky buying). Everything is listed on a condition sheet with any problems clear to see. The start time, starting bid, finishing bid, mileage, year and equipment are all in english. Anything you don't understand will be translated for you. You can choose any cars you want but if you want our free inspection service you must choose BAYAUC listed on Wednesdays. Our Japanese engineers are based near the BAYAUC and will ensure everything is correct. BAYAUC has the lowest auction fee, Just 9,000 Yen because this is the auction we are registered at while all the others are 22,000 Yen.

BAYAUC is one of the largest of the ten auctions listed on Wednesdays and usually sells around 5,000-6,000 cars every Week. There is so many cars the auction house offers a bus service taking all the Japanese car dealers around the various car parks to view the cars.

Once you have found your chosen vehicles send me the Make, Model and Lot numbers and I will have the condition sheets translated in to English for you. Try to choose 3 or 4 of the same model in case we translate the sheets and find major problems with some. We can bid at all the Auctions but they are very far from Ken Auto Trading so BAYAUC is the only one we can offer the free inspection service. Inspection at another Auction house can be arranged for a fee but is generally not worth it unless its a rare or expensive car.

A great example of the stock available is to just look at our Figaro's, you can see they started low (50-80,000 Yen) and finished around 300,000 Yen. Most Japanese Import websites show Figaro's with a grade 3 or lower starting at 300,000 Yen on some made up Auction site, Not the official www.iauc.co.jp  2 more Figaro's added, this time finished around 150,000 Yen.




Please select auction site.

To search on the BAYAUC click on cancel all and then select BAYAUC listed on Wednesdays.

Once the BAYAUC is selected click on Search by maker just above MON. Please note "search by maker" at the bottom of the page is for Post Auction Negotiation. This is vehicles that failed to sell for 3 consecutive weeks, usually because of high reserve prices.

Please select car maker.

Choose your vehicle make then click next.

Please select type of vehicle.

Choose the model you want and click next.

Choose what cars you interested in.

View the huge selection of cars and remember this is only 1 of 72 Auctions.

If you want to see more than just the BAYAUC stock go back to the first page below and click select all. Then click on search by maker. This will give you all vehicles for sale for the whole week at all 72 Auction sites. Please note. e.g. If its Wednesday then all vehicles listed for Monday and Tuesday are already sold and their start time will be replaced by the finished price. "Great for working out market prices"



Stock List Currently Shipping Our service Import Fees Contact Us